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Fine Wool Tartan sash (available on order)

Clan tartan sash for ladies

Originally made for Highland dancing, this high quality, 100% pure wool, lightweight tartan sash is now worn to accompany many outfits. A charming addition to any stylish wardrobe.
Size: 28cm x 228cms with a 5" fringed end.
Available in 500 tartans. 
We hold a small number of tartans in stock, but all are available to order. 
Please allow 6 - 10 weeks for delivery.
PLEASE NOTE: Cut-off order date for Christmas delivery is 5 November 2023.


How to wear the Ladies Sash:-

  • Style worn by a Chieftainess:  Ladies who are chiefs in their own right, wives of Clan Chiefs and wives of Colonels of Scottish Regiments wear a sash which may be full in size.  It is worn over the  left shoulder and secured with a brooch on the left shoulder.
  • Style worn by a Clanswomen:  The sash is worn over the right shoulder across the breast and is secured by a pin or small brooch on the right shoulder.
  • Style worn by ladies who have married out of their Clan: It is worn over the right shoulder and secured with a pin and fastened in a large bow on the left hip.
  • Style worn by Scottish Country Dancers:  Dancers, or other ladies who wish to keep the front of their dress clear of a sash, wear a style similar to the belted plaid and is really a small Arisaid.  It is buttoned on the back of the waist, or a small belt holds it;  it is then secured at the right shoulder by a pin or small brooch.  The ends fall backwards from the right shoulder and swing at the back of the right arm.

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