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The Quaich has a rich heritage in Scotland - indeed it is a uniquely Scottish invention, having no apparent connection to any other European drinking vessel.
Traditionally used in Scotland to celebrate a bond between two clans, it was also used in the 17th century to offer
welcome to travellers and is now commonly used in wedding and christening ceremonies.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Pewter Quaich Bowl

Pewter quaich with Charles Rennie Macintosh design. 11cm diameter not including handles.
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4'' Pewter Loving Bowl

The magnificent Quaich Bowl measures 4 inch in diameter and features two beautiful heart shaped handles along with an inlaid pewter badge inside the bowl which features two stylish ringing wedding bells. The entire bowl is 4cm tall and comes beautifully packaged in an elegant cream and black English Pewter Company presentation box.

The history of the Quaich dates back centuries and is commonly known as the Scottish "Cup Of Welcome", whereby visitors would be welcomed with whisky and drink from each side of the bowl. Today it is used as a commemorative gift for weddings, christenings and a whole host of celebrations, particularly for those with Scottish heritage. 
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