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Barrys Tea Gold Blend

Food 04
Food 04
Barry's Gold Blend Tea has a uniquely refreshing taste and a bright, golden colour. No wonder it makes so many Golden Moments - it's blended in Ireland from the finest teas from the high mountain slopes of Kenya and the Assam Valley of India.  80 pack
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Barrys Tea Irish Breakfast

Food 05
Food 05
Irish Breakfast Tea.  80 pack

Barry's Original Blend is the laid back one of the bunch.

It's uncomplicated and unlikely to miss a date on the couch with you and your favourite TV programme. It's the one that says 'I'd love a cup of tea' to you during the ad break. And you know it's right!
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Haggis in a can - 392g.  Grants.  Made in Scotland

Lamb Lobes (45%), Oatmeal (19%), Water, Suet, Onion, Salt, Spices.
May contain traces of gluten.

Just remove from can and heat. Try this product stuffed in a chicken breast and wrapped in bacon.
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