The Scottish Shop News Feed The Scottish Shop Care Boxes new and only available on the Scottish Shop website.&nbsp; We are excited to introduce you to our wonderful range of Care Boxes.&nbsp; Filled with delightful Scottish goodies, these are sure to appeal to anyone.&nbsp; Show someone how much they mean to you or even just spoil yourself.&nbsp; These boxes are meant to evolve and change over time, so let us know if there is a box you would really like to see, and keep checking in to see what new ones we have!1590840000 Boxes Runrig music for sale. was a Scottish Celtic rock band formed on the Isle of Skye, Scotland in 1973. From its inception, the band&#39;s line-up included songwriters Rory Macdonald and Calum Macdonald. The line-up during most of the 1980s and 1990s also included Donnie Munro, Malcolm Jones, Iain Bayne, and Pete Wishart.<br /> I still have some of these music cds and dvds for sale.&nbsp; Last ever.1569927600 music for sale. Homemade Shortbread - using our thistle stamp is the proof that the shortbread mould with the thistle impression works. &nbsp;Present your Christmas shortbread with a traditional Scottish thistle on top.<br /> <br /> Look in the Homewares section of our on-line shop to find the <strong>shortbread stamp</strong> that will give your shortbread a festive and Scottish traditional appearance. &nbsp;We can even supply the recipe.1540983600 Shortbread - using our thistle stamp Heron Cross Pottery; From Staffordshire, England.&nbsp; Not Scottish at all but super quality pottery.&nbsp; Traditional designs such as The Strawberry Thief and William Morris Anemone.&nbsp; Check it out under the Heron Cross pottery tab in the gift section1508929200 Cross Pottery Tartan tights is not over so stock up on the new stock of tartan tights. &nbsp;New this season are the red tartan footless tights.1505044800 tights The Welsh are coming now and then, we have to do something crazy.&nbsp; For the month of June, The Scottish Shop is going to become &quot;The Welsh Shop&quot;!&nbsp; Just to welcome the Welsh Rugby tour and make them feel a little bit at home.1464523200 Welsh are coming Shortbread thistle stamp news.&nbsp; New stock now available, at a lower price, of our thistle shortbread stamps for biscuits or cookies.<br /> <br /> We have been without this stock for quite a while but now hopeful of a continuous supply.&nbsp; Made in Dunedin, New Zealand and using food grade wood.&nbsp; The current wood used is American Maple.<br /> <br /> Order yours online now.&nbsp; Can be viewed and purchased in our Homeware department of the website shop.<br /> &nbsp;1459857600 thistle stamp NEW. Improved kilt hangers new and improved kilt hanger now has wider, longer and stronger clips.&nbsp; This hanger is capable of hanging a full 8 yard kilt!<br /> <br /> The two clips are also coated in an adhesive plastic material, this offers extra grip without damaging your kilt. The clips are also adjustable, meaning that not just kilts of all sizes, but also trousers and skirts can be hung.<br /> <br /> A hook on the front of the hanger also allows you to hang another hanger, to support both your kilt and suit/jacket in one suit bag.<br /> <br /> To purchase - look in the kilts &amp; jackets&nbsp;section of our online shop<br />1444129200 Improved kilt hangers Scotland to NZ via East Africa January 2006 I visited Glasgow for the annual Gift Fair and was full of enthusiasm about tartans and yes, all things Scottish. When you live on the &lsquo;other side of the world&rsquo; it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on owning a traditional Scottish Shop. New Zealand is such a long way from my suppliers this is a fact that my customers have trouble understanding, especially when certain stock levels are getting low. I find the Gift Fairs extremely motivating and I can go home full of new ideas and new products. <br /> <br /> On my journey home from Scotland I had my dream holiday which was a visit to Kenya and Tanzania. I was in several Maasai villages in 2006 and was stunned to see tartan like clothing and many of the warriors even wear them in the Scottish style of a breacan feile. Sometimes it is simply a blanket thrown around the shoulders. On several occasions I got involved in discussions with Maasai tribesmen trying to discover where the patterns came from but really I never found anyone that actually knew. They were always telling me that &ldquo;other families make them.&rdquo; <br /> <br /> I found a shuka that was so similar to a Wallace tartan that I just had to buy it! There was lots of bargaining for the purchase and I never quite got over the feeling that I had paid far too much for it. But then, that is the way of life in Africa. This blanket now has pride of place as a cover on my dining table and many a time I have had a visitor telling me that I am taking the Scottish theme too far! Not at all, I can say, it is actually a Maasi blanket. <br />1436788800 to NZ via East Africa