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Kilt roll

Roll 01
Kilt roll

Our Kilt Roll robustly protects your kilt from the elements of travel and home life.

Practical yet sophisticated, our black Kilt Roll is reliable and long-lasting so your kilt is always safely protected from the rigours of travel, or even just kept in good condition at home.

Our high quality and durable Kilt Roll is made from nylon and polyester.

To safely store your kilt in the kilt roll, remove the kilt pin from the apron of the kilt first. Then, with the velcro straps facing away from you, place the kilt down with the top of the kilt on your left and the pleats face up. Starting closest to you, roll with the pleats and away from you, ensuring each pleat is flat as you tightly roll. This prevents your kilt from looking creased when you arrive at your destination!


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