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10" Wild Hairy Haggis

10" Wild Hairy Haggis

  • Haggis Soft Toy
  • Dimensions: approx. Height: 12cm, Width: 11cm, Length: 26cm 


It is believed that the present secretive wild hairy haggis population is descended from the feral haggis, which in turn were descendants of the domesticated Hebridean haggis, abandoned when the native crofters and their families were forced to leave the land at the time of the forced displacements of the population of the Scottish Highlands during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Like the crofters themselves, the haggis faced extinction through competition with the large numbers of sheep which were introduced as part of a process of agricultural change, considered to be necessary 'improvements' by the landowners.  Owing to their inability to move on to other terrain, plus their need for a constant supply of local heather and peaty burns - haggis  have an acute sensitivity to water pH balance - none of the live pet haggis which the crofters attempted to take with them survived for more than a few days away from their native mountainsides.

A large number of wild hairy haggis still roam the moors of the Western Isles, the Isles of Lewis and Harris.


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