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A short story about tartan - 16th Apr 2014

Anderson tartan It should be understood from the outset that a person may wear any tartan of his or her choice – the exceptions being personal tartans, tartans restricted by copyright or trademark, and those reserved for members of the Royal Family. The term “suggested tartan” is exactly what it says, a tartan suggested for a person with a given surname. It does not imply that persons may not choose another tartan if they so wish.
Some clans and families encourage friends and admirers to adopt and wear their tartan. It is an old Highland custom to so honour your host. Other families wish their tartan to be worn only by person bearing or related to a specific name or spelling. In example, the Fleming family wear the Murray tartan in recognition of a long friendship between the two families while other clans and families may prefer that their tartan be worn only by those bearing the name or associated by marriage.
Persons wishing to establish clan or family relationships should contact the clan, preferably through the Clan or Family Society rather than directly to the Chief. One is always best advised to select a tartan associated with their own surname before choosing a tartan associated with a paternal name. Both are preferable to selecting a surname acquired by marriage or through a maternal ancestor.

Hot arrival - World Pipe Band Championship 2013 DVD & CD - 8th Nov 2013

Volume  1 & 2 DVD & CD- will feature performances from the final of the Grade 1 event at the World Pipe Band Championships 2013

Simon Fraser University – P/M Terry Lee:
1. MSR:The Balmoral Highlanders /Bogan Lochan /Pretty Marion.
2. Medley:Cosmos Cascade /The Snuff Wife / The Atholl Highlanders /The Braes of Lochiel /Munlochy Bridge /The Top of Craigvenow /Mrs MacLeod of Raasay /The Braes of Lochiel (Reprise) /Mrs MacLeod of Raasay(Reprise).

Inveraray & District - P/M Stuart Liddell:
3. MSR:Pipe Major J McWilliams /Bob of Fettercairn /MacAllister’s Dirk.
4. Medley:Helen Black of Inveran /The Strathspey King /The Devil in the Kitchen(Strath) /The Devil in the Kitchen(Reel) /Willie Murray’s Reel /Grim King of the Ghosts /Bronni’s Blue Brozzi / Dunrovin Farm.

Field Marshal Montgomery - P/M Richard Parkes MBE:
5. MSR:Balmoral Highlanders /John Roy Stewart /Charlie’s Welcome.
6. Medley: Rowd’s Hornpipe /The High Drive Jig / The Pipers Bonnet /Sine Bhan (Fair Jean)/ Rodney Hull QC/ Lachine Rapids /Willie MacKenzies Reel /Smelling Fresh /Pipe Major George Allen.

St Laurence O’Toole - Eire - P/M Terry Tully:
7. MSR: The MacNeill’s March /Atholl Cummers /Mrs McPherson of Inveran.
8. Medley:The Garb of Old Gaul /The Lark in the Morning /Angus John MacNeill of Barra / Tommy Tully’s Air /Miss Lilly /Stumpie /Steve Byrne’s.

Canterbury Caledonian Society – New Zealand - P/M Richard Hawke:
9. MSR:The Clan Macrae Society /Blair Drummond /John Morrison of Assynt House.
10. Medley:Chief Grey Feather /Friar’s Britches /Little Cascade Jig /Lauren’s Melody / Miss Drummond of Perth /The Fiddler /Plagiarist /Boarderline Reel/ Fleming First 4.

Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia - P/M Ryan Canning:
11. MSR: The Highland Wedding /Susan MacLeod /John Morrison of Assynt House>
12. Medley: The Siege of Dubrovnick /Carnage Drive /Megan’s Lullaby /Lady Madelina Sinclair /Duncan Lamont /The Weasel’s Cage /Philip Greer’s Big Week /Bessie McIntyre

Scottish recipe for September 2013 - 16th Oct 2013

Scottish tablet


420ml tin condensed milt
1kg granulated sugar
270g butter

Place all the ingredients in a large pan and bring to boil. Reduce the heat. Allow to simmer gently for about 30 – 40 minutes, stirring from time to time. As it begins to darken, it is essential to stir it continuously, and when it becomes a dark caramel colour it may catch on the bottom of the pan a bit, don’t worry, remove it from the heat and whisk it hard, preferably with an electric whisk, until the mixture cools and begins to thicken. Pour it into a baking tray measuring 30 x 21 cm.
Leave it to set for 10 minutes, then, cut it into squares or shapes. Leave it to harden then remove from the tray.

Scottish recipe for July - 26th Jul 2013

Stovies recipe Direct from Maw Broon's Cookbook - and in her words too!

Stoved tatties

Stovies- withoot the meat!


Peel the tatties and put them over a low heat with just enough water tae cover the bottom of the pan.  Add some salt and put wee dods of butter here and there.  Cover and simmer gently till soft and melted.  There should be no water left tae pour off. 
Dripping can be used instead o' butter but I prefer butter.  Fried onions are nice to add, with plenty of pepper.

SALE - 20% discount on any national flag in stock until end of July - 26th Jun 2013

Have you got a flagpole with no flag.  The Scottish Shop has a large selection of World flags.  Orkney, Cornwall, and all of those rugby nations that we love to follow.

Check out the stock in our special flag section of the shop.  There is also a history of each national flag.

NEW stock of Harris Tweed handbags arrived from Scotland - 11th Jun 2013

Check out the new stock of handbags and wallets in our online shop.  Hot off the plane from Scotland.  100% pure Harris Tweed

Scottish Recipe of the Month - 16th May 2013

Scottish Recipe of the Month Quick Cranachan Pudding
If you're really pushed for time then this recipe from Orkney saves a lot of the toasting and is simple.  You do need to think ahead though, for overnight soaking of the oats.  

You will need

  • 2 tablespoons medium oatmeal
  • 2 tablespoons runny honey
  • 2 tablespoons fresh orange or apple juice
  • 300 ml double or whipping cream, or thick yoghurt
  • 110 g raspberries, or mixed fruit, eg banana, stewed apple, plus a few raspberries
The day before;  soak the oatmeal in the honey and fruit juice in a covered dish.

Whip the cream until stiff and fold in your chosen  fruit to the oats.  Chill in the fridge for a short while, or serve semi-frozen

"Recipe from a book by Margaret Briggs, called Porridge, Oats and their many health benefits"

Kilt hire at the Wedding Show 26 May 2013 - 14th May 2013

Do you know that you can hire a kilt outfit for your wedding at The Scottish Shop?  We stock the largest selection of Pride of New Zealand kilts in a wide range of sizes.  Compliment a kilt with an argyll jacket and accessories. 

We will be at the wedding show at The EDGAR CENTRE, Portsmouth Drive, Dunedin on Sunday 26th May from 10am to 3pm.

Come along and try a kilt or two. 

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