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A short story about tartan - 16th Apr 2014

Anderson tartan It should be understood from the outset that a person may wear any tartan of his or her choice – the exceptions being personal tartans, tartans restricted by copyright or trademark, and those reserved for members of the Royal Family. The term “suggested tartan” is exactly what it says, a tartan suggested for a person with a given surname. It does not imply that persons may not choose another tartan if they so wish.
Some clans and families encourage friends and admirers to adopt and wear their tartan. It is an old Highland custom to so honour your host. Other families wish their tartan to be worn only by person bearing or related to a specific name or spelling. In example, the Fleming family wear the Murray tartan in recognition of a long friendship between the two families while other clans and families may prefer that their tartan be worn only by those bearing the name or associated by marriage.
Persons wishing to establish clan or family relationships should contact the clan, preferably through the Clan or Family Society rather than directly to the Chief. One is always best advised to select a tartan associated with their own surname before choosing a tartan associated with a paternal name. Both are preferable to selecting a surname acquired by marriage or through a maternal ancestor.

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