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Sgian Dubh

Sgian dubh with thistle mount and amethyst stone top

Thistle stone top sgian dubh.  Stone in top is available in cairngorm, amethyst, black, red, blue, green.  In stock - amythist

Stone top claw setting (available in 6 colours) with metal work in Pewter with plated finish of Palladium. Black simulated handle and sheath. Stainless Steel Blade. Supplied boxed with general historical notes. Overall length approx 7" (18cm).

The sgian dubh we see today is a mixture of history, myth and misinterpretation. Sgian in Gaelic means knife, the dubh part means black. Thus you get black knife. The black refers to the fact it was a hidden knife or a concealed weapon.

It is a small, singled-edged knife (Gaelic sgian) worn as part of traditional Scottish Highland dress along with the kilt. Originally used for eating and preparing fruit, meat, and cutting bread and cheese - as well as serving for other more general day to day uses such as cutting material and protection, it is now worn as part of traditional Scottish dress tucked into the top of the kilt hose with only the upper portion of the hilt visible. The sgian-dubh is normally worn on the right leg, but can also be worn on the left, depending on whether the wearer is right or left-handed.


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