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Soldier to Settler

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Soldier to Settler

• Author: Donald Offwood
• Publisher: Southern Lights Books

This dramatized and historically correct novel follows Patrick Murtagh, who as a poor Irish boy joins the British Army in 1820. After serving in India, he is discharged into the famines of the 1940s in Ireland.
As a man of 'good character' he is able to re-join the Army in 1847 and come to New Zealand with his family and with the offer of his own cottage and schooling for his children, as a Fencible Corp soldier. In exchange for guarding Auckland for seven years and for the first time in his life he will own something he cannot carry - his own land.
After seven years’ service he is discharged and in 1860 moves south to Green Island, Dunedin, with his family, to buy his own small farm and become an Otago Pioneer.
An appendix includes the Family Tree of the 1800s.
This is Donald's 12th book; Patrick Murtagh was his great-great-grandfather.

This gripping novel follows on from Donald Offwood's earlier historical novels, Oatcakes to Otago, covering the Scottish migration to Otago, Heather's Gold following a family during the gold discoveries in Otago and Camerons of the Glen, the development of Nokomai Station, Queenstown.


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