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The Book Of Scottish Names

book sc names
The Book Of Scottish Names

The history of Scotland is full of heroes and kings whose legends resonate throughout the ages. "The Book of Scottish Names" celebrates the country's Celtic, Viking, and French infuences, listing names--from the well-known Malcolm, Kirstie, and Heather to the more unusual Torquil, Mariota, and Eilidh. It explains their derivations, pronunciations, and meanings, and recounts the legends associated with their historical and mythical namesakes. A glossary of Scottish kings and queens gives additional inspiration to anyone wanting to discover the Scottish ancestry. The entries are accompanied with specially commissioned illustrations, making "The Book of Scottish Names" the ideal present for parent-to-be. *Explores the traditions and histories surrounding the most popular Scottish names, which are now favourites throughout the English-speaking world. *Discover the legends and myths of ancient Scotland while choosing a name to suit a baby's personality. *List of monarchs included for further inspiration.


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