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Whisky tasting glass

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Whisky tasting glass

The Glencairn whisky glass.

The Glencairn whisky glass is a style of glass developed by Glencairn Crystal Ltd, Scotland for drinking whisky. Originally designed by Raymond Davidson, managing director of the company, the shape of the glass is derived from the traditional nosing copitas used in whisky labs around Scotland. The glass design was concluded with the aid of Master blenders from five of the largest whisky companies in Scotland. The glass first came into production in 2001.

The 5 Steps to appreciating Scotch Whisky.....

  • Colour - Is your whisky light fold, bright copper or rich amber in colour?
  • Nose - Which aromas do you recognise when you nose your whisky - is it malty, smokey, fruity or chocolatey?
  • Body - does your whisky have a light, medium or full body
  • Palate - What characteristis do you notice on the  palate - is it softly sweet, rich and fruity or pettery and spicy?
  • Finish - Does the flavour remain for a long time or does it disappear quickly
Courtesy of The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre.


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