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Salt & pepper - Irish

Irish salt & pepper set

Irish Weave Salt and Pepper Set by Clara Crafts
Height 8cm


The design on these Salt & Pepper pots with its Shamrock motif is highly ornate and colourful in keeping with the Irish Weave pattern - its multi-coloured Celtic knot work and distinctive script is inspired by the style of 9th century ancient Celtic manuscripts which were originally painted by monks onto vellum or calf skin. These Salt & Pepper pots were lovingly designed in Galway, Ireland. A set of these Salt & Pepper pots will add vibrancy to any table and the Shamrock motif will add a touch of Celtic magic. In the Celtic mythology of ancient Ireland the Shamrock or 3 Leaf Clover was associated with magical powers. According to Celtic mythology the number 3 was a powerful number. Later St.Patrick used the three leaves of the Shamrock to teach the Celtic Irish people about God. Today the Shamrock is worn on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate the work of the Saint in bringing Christianity to Ireland. This is a wonderful gift for yourself or that special someone and it will be enjoyed for many years as friends and family sit around the dinner table. Other symbols of Ireland include the Harp, the High Cross and the Claddagh Ring.


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